No more paper clutter

Reddbox helps you organise all information about various household products in one place. When you add products, Reddbox puts them in relevant categories such as Appliances, Gadgets, Furniture or Accessories. So no more going through the paper clutter when you need to find a receipt
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Find them instantly

When you add any product Reddbox not only puts them in industry leading secure cloud but also try to find you 360 degree information – User manual, relevant videos from your favourite YouTube, contact details of the manufacturer and the Store where you have purchased.

Seamless warranty tracking

No more hassle of tracking those warranties for the small and big products you own. When you let us know the ‘Date of Purchase’ and the ‘Warranty Period’ we track it for you. We also send reminder well in advance so that you can buy extended warranty or get the broken item fixed before you miss the date.
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Share details quickly

Anyone in the house may need those user manuals and receipts. So we made it easy to share product(s) information with just few clicks. If you are a landlord then this could benefit a lot of hassle to manage those paperwork. And remember, un-sharing is simple as well.

  • Organise all your products and their information in one place

    Once you add a product, Reddbox will organise them as per their categories such as Appliances, Gadgets, Furniture or Accessories.

  • All records are stored in industry leading cloud, so your data is safe and accessible from any device

    Just use the camera to take a picture of the receipt and Reddbox will use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique to find the key information. You can always edit any of the information you want.

  • All information in one place

    Reddbox connects to the user manual, shows few relevant videos form YouTube, stores the receipts, shows the contact details of the Manufacturer and the Store; and tracks warranty

  • Share those products detail with your guests / tenants instantly; un-share when they leave

    The guests/tenants will get an email notification about the share and the details will automatically appear on their app. Similarly, sharing can be removed instantly. You can select to remove just one product or the entire set of products shared.

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  • Testimonial
    Useful app to save receipts and share in future. Looking forward to new updates.
  • Testimonial
    Makes Organising Receipts and Item EASY! Prior to downloading Reddbox I would misplace EVERY receipt and user manual. Now they’re all in one place! Just a simple picture of the receipt, input the item and you’re good to go 👌 Out of all the apps I have downloaded, this one is the most useful by far!
    IwanPersonal Trainer
  • Testimonial
    The user experience is well thought through and really simplified. It's a really good app for structuring the invoices, Bill's etc. electronically without the hassle of managing multiple physical copies. Cheers 😉
    MukulApp User